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Hatch Pro Tip of the Month: Preparing your home for a Tenant continued…

In last month’s blog post, we highlighted some of the key things you as an Investor of a rental property need to do to attract the ideal renter for your home.  As a continuation of this topic, we are going to talk about the 5 senses!

  1. Through the eyes of the beholder: Sight.  How does your property show on the exterior and the interior?  A good tenant will want to maintain your investment as if it was their own.  What you present to them on day 1 is how you want it returned to you on the last day.  Start your tenant off right with a perfectly clean home and a pristine exterior with inviting curb appeal.
  2. What’s that Smell? Nothing, besides the look, can kill a deal more than by smell.  No one wants to live in a place that smells like animals, smoke, chemicals, mildew, raw food, sewage, etc.  I think you get the point. A professional cleaning company can help with the majority of these issues by removing trash and a thorough cleaning of the entire property on the interior.  You may however need to hire painters to paint the walls to remove the look and smell of smoke. In addition, carpet cleaning is a must, and in some circumstances, a complete replacement is in order.  If you have plumbing issues, then hire a plumber to get the home in proper working order to avoid future sewage smelling issues. And as an added bonus, once you complete all of these items, one suggestion is to place pleasantly smelling air fresheners strategically hidden around the home to draw clients in.  If you are feeling extra ambitious, bake some cookies in the home the morning of any showings you have scheduled. Pre-made dough from the store is a great, easy option.
  3. Delicious! Taste is something that you probably weren’t thinking of in this scenario, but if you baked those delicious cookies that morning for your prospective tenant, leave a plate on the counter for a tasty treat.
  4. “What’s that Sound? Everybody look what’s going down”! Ever hear that song? Well, there is some truth to that.  If a tenant walks in the door and hears a sound, they are going to start looking around for what it is.  It could turn out that the furnace or air conditioning unit is faulty and is creating a very annoying sound or the doors are squeaking. This will deter that tenant from considering your property.  Get all of your appliances, hot water heater, air conditioning and heater units checked out prior to showing your property.
  5. Did you feel that? Touch is another sense that can kill a deal.  If the door knobs are greasy, or the counter tops are sticky, a potential tenant will notice. Remember to do a thorough cleaning, including door knobs and light switches!



Posted by: hatchpm on September 10, 2018
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