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Winter Storms

Hatch Pro Tip of the Week:

When a snow or ice storm strikes your area, be sure to clean the snow and ice from your outside condensing unit of a heat pump system. See these before and after pictures. If you fail to allow air to flow freely in and around this unit it could burn out the motor and leave you cold.


I just had a brand new heat pump system installed in December and when I went outside to clear my unit it had ice and snow around 2 sides and you could hear the motor was running but the fan was not spinning. This was not good! After I cleared the snow and scraped the ice off, the fan started spinning again.


Please clear off your outside HVAC condensing units to ensure proper functioning.

Blocked by Snow HVAC Condensing Unit

This is an example of a condensing unit that is too covered with snow to run because it is starving for air.


Clean HVAC Condensing Unit

This is an after photo of the same condensing unit.

Posted by: hatchpm on March 30, 2016
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