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Pictures Say 1,000 Words

Hatch Pro Tip of the Week:

If you are in the market to sell or lease your home, make sure your real estate agent works hard to take the BEST quality photos of your property before it is ever listed on the market.


I see too many houses on the market today with dark photos that showcase the owner’s dirty dishes in the sink, shoes in the middle of the floor, or paint cans off to the side of the room. Do yourself and your agent a favor by decluttering rooms in your house prior to the photo shoot day.


Houses listed with poor quality photos tend to stay on the market 15-21 days longer and/or receive less than asking price. People are technology savvy and have probably already seen what the inside of your home looks like before even stepping inside, and the photos posted on the internet could cost you a sale or rental in a matter of seconds.


Staging your home and taking photos at the best time of day for each room of your house is so important. Add pops of color with accent rugs or wall decor in rooms that are darker or have limited natural light. Ask your agent to use a high quality digital camera or DSLR with a wide angle lens to photograph your home.


At Hatch Property Management, we have the experience and the tools to photograph your property professionally to attain the maximum value in addition to reducing vacancy days.



Posted by: hatchpm on March 23, 2016
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